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Animal Requiem is an album to celebrate and honour all animals from composer Rachel Fuller.

Animal Requiem

Spring has Sprung

I’m feeling sprung. Check out Peanut in the daffodils – i’m obsessed – she’s a polly pocket of a dog. My great goddaughter calls her Poonut which I almost prefer. i’m being way too sketchy on my blog – no commitment – forgive me – I have so much to say and cannot blame the lacking on school runs, bath time or 9-5 job for I have none. Will do better.

Did a radio interview this morning in BBC Oxford for the BBC radio Ulster Sunday show with John Toal – he was a lovely fellow and I really enjoyed talking to him and didn’t swear or even say bugger or sod or anything remotely Essex. People CAN change.

The album is doing well, please tell all. your friends and that social media sort of thing. Looking likely that we will do some shows in the US later this year to coincide with the hubbys touring with that silly band he’s in – but i’m happy to let him ride my coattails if it makes him happy.

What else – thats all for now- will do better.

R x x x

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