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Animal Requiem is an album to celebrate and honour all animals from composer Rachel Fuller.

Animal Requiem
Pet Loss Support
Resources before, during
and after the loss of your animal friend.
Pet Loss Support
Resources before, during
and after the loss of your animal friend.
Pet Loss Support

Relationships with animal companions are mutually beneficial. They help make us the best versions of ourselves. We keep them safe and healthy. The love is true, the friendship deep, the hilarity endless, the letting go so hard.

When we care for an elderly pet, the grief can start a long time before we actually say our last goodbye. If they have a life threatening diagnosis, we wonder if they are living out their best lives during those last years, months, weeks, or days.

Eventually the day each of us dreads will come. You don’t know how to say goodbye. How could you? But you can. You will.

Navigating anxiety, sadness, guilt, and sorrow can feel overwhelming. Claire has the tools to help you through your pain, whether the animal you love is old, ill or already over Rainbow Bridge.

Claire Chew knows your love. She knows your loss. What she also knows thanks to her experience and training is how to get through the pain to a place where you can remember your animal companion with affection and grace. Claire, a life transitions coach who specializes in helping the humans left behind, has enabled hundreds of pet lovers worldwide to accept their grief and grow from it. Her one-on-one coaching sessions and on-line program help pet owners unpack their upset and understand why the loss of an animal’s unconditional love can trigger feelings in other, unexpected areas of their lives.  You can find out more about Claire’s work here.

Together with Animal Requiem, she’s put together several ways to help you begin to heal. A portion of proceeds from all products and services will be donated to support animal bereavement groups and organizations.
Animal Requiem Self-Guided Pet Loss Support Program:

We offer pet loss support that is affordable, practical, and easy to access. Filled with tools, guided meditations and 28 lessons you can go through at your own pace. Click the button to learn more about our self-guided program.

Individual Counseling Support

If you prefer 1-on-1 support, Claire is here for you before, during and after the loss of your animal friend. She will help you navigate any anxiety, sadness, guilt or sorrow you may be feeling. Sign up here for a free consultation.

Animal Requiem Home Memorial

The Animal Requiem home memorial is a perfect way to celebrate, remember, and honour the animals we have loved.

This home memorial includes the following:

  • Animal Requiem album
  • Pet memorial soy candle with healing lavender essential oils
  • Angel pet loss token
  • In loving memory photo frame

Directions for use:

When we experience loss, rituals, and routines we’ve enjoyed with an animal companion is also lost. It can be easy to feel lonely and isolated. One of the ways we begin to heal is by creating new habits and patterns to integrate into a new way of being. By lighting a candle, we create new rituals to honor the memories we have shared with our pets.

Music has touched human souls in profound ways for centuries. When we struggle with grief, music helps lift us up and transport us out of the mood we are in and into another. Play the Animal Requiem album to help reduce stress, sorrow, and affirm our beloved animal will always be with us on our journeys.

Below is a ritual you can do with the home memorial:

You may wish to gather friends, family or prefer to be alone. Play the album, dim the lights. Find a favorite photo to put in the frame and any other special mementos you have on a small table. Light the candle in remembrance of your beloved animal, and then thank them for their unconditional love and companionship. Share stories and pass around the token as a memory stone.


“As a student of yoga and meditation for over 25 years I was transfixed by the clarity and effectiveness of Claire’s teachings around grief and healing. She is a compassionate teacher and her writings are thoughtful and full of self knowledge; you just get that Claire has the life experience to speak authoritatively on this subject. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is in need of healing from the experience losing of their beloved pet. “

— Tracee Stanley | E-RYT Producer—

“I knew O’Malley was going to die between 12 and 15 years, just from statistics. And I think in my cells I knew that he was sick when I set up my session. I think I literally said to you: I am going to be a wreck when he dies, and I need to figure out how to be resilient when it happens, or I might not survive it.  He was 11 when I first reached out. He died at 12 years and 3 months and your intervention made a HUGE difference. Truly. In fact, the work you and I did helped me to be a more resilient person in LIFE. Surviving the death of my soul dog, the fact that it didn’t actually kill me, was a huge revelation. Thank you.”

—Allison Walsh | Missoula, Montana—

“When my 8-year-old daughter’s rabbit HOPS passed away, she was devastated. Rachel gave me the Animal Requiem Home Memorial, and a few days later, we had a small ceremony at home. We passed around the silver token and told our favourite memories of Hops. I truly believe this helped my daughter process the loss and say goodbye properly”


“When I lost my collie Flash, I was bereft. It had just been me and Flash for 16 years. He was my best friend. Losing a pet has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. Having a home memorial, I felt I honoured Flash and was able to say goodbye and thank him for all the love we shared. Afterwards I felt comforted and uplifted. Flash deserved a dignified goodbye and I am glad I was able to give that to him.”

— Pete —

“My cat Sooty was only 6 when she passed. The shock was awful and it made no sense. Pet loss isn’t something people talk about openly. For a while, I was just numb, then a friend of mine told me about the Animal Requiem Home Memorial.  Although it felt a bit silly at first – I really needed to do something to remember Sooty and say goodbye. Even though I was alone – I lit the candle, and as I listened to the music I held the silver token and remembered the good things – and although I wept, afterwards I felt lighter. The music was very healing.”

— Linda —