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Animal Requiem is an album to celebrate and honour all animals from composer Rachel Fuller.

Animal Requiem


I’m totally obsessed with Peanut. Her and Pudding are like one person – I call them the P’s. I went away for a couple of days last week and I felt like a new mum. How did she sleep? what colour was her poo? etc.

So exciting news – it looks like we WILL be launching the album and doing some shows in October in the US. Cant wait – also St Francis Day is a big deal in the US and a lot of churches open up their doors to all animals. Im definitely going to the one in New York – maybe will will perform the requiem – would it be confusing if I actually wore a dog suit? I think I could make it work and still be taken seriously.

I woke up really missing Cracker today – when this happens I wear his tartan collar so I feel close to him. (pic below)

What else – husbands busy working on a new WHO album- its sounding pretty killer. We’re off to the US in three weeks for the tour. Going to do some PR for the requiem while i’m in New York – I’m not just being self deprecating but I don’t think i’m a good PR person because i’m not going to show my bangers, i’m a bit old, a bit chunky and I don’t really gossip. If I was still in my naughty phase i’m sure I could have done some train wreck stuff – but now My hobby is cross stitching. So in truth i’m a bit of a yawn. But thats ok – I don’t think the Requiem is a time limited project – and it’s main purpose really is to comfort people who’ve lost pets and bring some uplift so even if it only does that for a few i’m happy. It was also incredibly cathartic for me to compose –

thats quite a long post – i’m feeling a bit chatty Kathy today – R x

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