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Animal Requiem is an album to celebrate and honour all animals from composer Rachel Fuller.

Animal Requiem

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Thought I’d share this video of our bedtime ritual – Pete gives them “bedtime biscuits” – and they will not go to sleep until they have had them. The noise is amazing – I’m tempted to make something percussive as a sample and write a song – I’m sure Pete would play the guitar.

Exciting things happening – as you may have noticed, there is an Animal Requiem concert in February in Tallahassee, Florida – the first independent one. There are some rumours of shows in the spring in Assisi (home of St Francis) – and St Marks square in Venice. 

Also, I have been working with the wonderful Claire Chew, who is a pet loss and grief counsellor. She has created an extraordinary Course for people to do after the loss of a beloved pet – there is nothing else like it. Although my losses have been over the last 6 years, and time does heal a certain amount, I am currently doing this course myself. I want to wait until I have gone though the whole course before I write about it in full – but I already know this is going to be powerfully healing for me in so many ways.

Claire and I have also been working on an ANIMAL REQUIEM HOME MEMORIAL.
This is a box – inside which is a copy of the album, a scented memorial candle, a silver pet token and a photo memorial card for your special pet. I believe in the absence of any kind of ceremony when we lose our companions, this is something that can be given to a friend who has suffered a loss, but especially meaningful for families and children. Often losing a pet is a child’s first interaction with loss – and a simple home memorial I’m sure would be of great comfort and healing.

This will be coming in February – and will be available to buy on amazon in the UK, EUROPE and the US. 

Gearing up for xmas here – have literally only managed to buy xmas jumpers for the dogs (see photo). 

Much love, Rachel x 

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  • Lynda Grace Oberg
    December 9, 2019 10:48 pm

    I adore the video of the bedtime biscuits, the sound warms my heart and makes me smile. ❤️
    What a special idea the memorial box. I look forward to hearing and learning more about the course with Claire. I’m so glad she does what she does 🙏.

    Happy Holidays to you, Pete and the Pack.

    🎄🐾 much love, Lynda Grace

  • Sue DeSimone
    December 12, 2019 8:14 pm

    Oh, that video is the best! You could put the sounds on a loop and talk or sing, and Pete could add guitar. . I have a friend who does the coolest things with his when he performs. We did it with kids once at this arts program I’m involved with in Taiwan.
    My Duke is really slowing down. He’s 12 – my Golden. He’s perfectly healthy- but you know how they have hip dysplasia- it’s bad. We have to carry him upstairs now and into the car.
    I know your album will comfort me when the time comes!
    The Memorial Box is the perfect gift for families who have lost their pets. Wonderful idea, Rachel!

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