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Animal Requiem is an album to celebrate and honour all animals from composer Rachel Fuller.

Animal Requiem


Its been a while – forgive me. I’m deeply moved to share the experience I had today. I went to meet the owner,Kevin Spurgin and Paula Bryan at Dignity Pet Crematorium in Hook. We had connected through our passion and love for animals initially, and are now looking at the possibility of doing some Animal Requiem concerts, and perhaps introducing the music to people who bring their animals there to say goodbye. More about that at a later date.

When I lost my dogs, whether they passed naturally or were helped at the end, their (beloved bodies) went to the vet and the vet recommended cremation company collected them and their ashes were returned – I had them individually cremated and get great comfort from their little boxes. (in my will i’m going to be cremated and mixed with all their ash – perhaps 20 dogs by the time I die!) I did not KNOW about Dignity Pet Crematorium. I wish I had – without a doubt this is where I would and will in future entrust the bodies of my beloved pets when they pass. As you may or may not know, I played the organ in a crematorium for 2 years when I was 17 – and I can assure you that the bodies of peoples loved ones were treated at all times with dignity and respect. Can we be sure of the same for our animals? I spent 4 hours at Dignity and was deeply moved. This is a family business – all involved absolutely passionate about animals – even the young men in charge of the cremations. the gardens are beautiful, the attention to details, the respect and support for those of us left behind. And for all pet owners we know that the grief is real. We have lost a member of our family. They derive the same respect and care as do our human friends!

It occurred to me, that when we lose a person, we know what to do – we contact the local funeral director and they take of everything. But when we lose an animal? I think we have to engage in a sort of denial – the body goes to the vet and then to a cremation company and a few weeks later we get the ashes – but we don’t really know the process and its a painful time already so we just hope our animals are treated as we would wish. I want people in the UK to know – Dignity is the place – call them when you lose your animal. They will take care of everything with love and respect. Extraordinary. Sounds like a pitch – its not. Its a fact – I want it spread far and wide so people know.

Go visit their website/facebook page. and make a note their number and if you are an animal lover in the UK, when the time comes, call them –

facebook – @dignityPetcrem