Exciting news - the album has been mixed and is sounding KILLER - Im beyond thrilled.

Pete and I recorded Alfie Boe at our studio in the country, he was of course brilliant - and i’m recording soprano Katy Batho next Tuesday.

Hoping to get the album delivered and off to the manufacturer next week - its crazy releasing your own record - i’ve had to set up a record company - Wistle Records - check out the logo - that is an actual outline of my girl Wistle from a photograph - we were on a road trip in my split screen VW and she was up front and so happy - I miss her loads.

Also gearing up for the concert on 31st January at St James in London - Im so excited - Peter Egan will be speaking at the concert. He is an amazing man - look him up.

Bring. It. On.

PS i’m being interview on BBC Radio London Barkin Hour next Thursday. Tune In to hear what a real Essex accent sounds like.

Nice pic of me and Alfie and his golden Red who chased the ponies like Fenton in Richmond Park and would not come back.